Family House Inc.

  Improving the overall quality of the Milwaukee community for over 25 years.

About Us

History of Family House

Family House was founded in 1987 in Milwaukee's inner city by registered nurse and experienced nursing home administrator Mrs. Cordelia Taylor. Mrs. Taylor, with the strong support and involvement of her family,  started Family House out of concern in the way most of the elderly were treated in traditional nursing facilities. In addition, she was troubled that so many residents of the inner city, after they were no longer able to care for themselves, had few options of where to live out their lives.

Far more than a long-term care program, Family House has evolved into a hub for revitalizing of the community. Mrs. Taylor started a food pantry and found that young mothers in the neighborhood not only needed food for their families, but also needed cooking, budgeting, and nutrition classes to promote healthy lifestyles. She endeavors to hire and train these young women so that they can get off of welfare.

When children in the neighborhood began congregating on the porches of the Family House compound, she invited them in and started an after school and summer program to give them positive activities and give help with their homework.

Our Founder, Cordelia Taylor
Along with her many milestones within Family House,  Mrs. Taylor has received numerous awards and recognition for the provision of services to various populations both locally and nationally. She has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Black Nurses Association, AARP Impact Award, and others.